Downton Abbey

I’ve always wanted to visit England.  It’s always been high on my list of places to go.  But the last few months….it’s been on my mind more and more.  England…England…Britain…Great Britain…(sometimes I don’t know what to call it hah).  Probably because of the upcoming Olympics and friends that are heading there in the recent months to come. But I know the real reason why it has stirred my heart so…two words…Downton Abbey.

I’ve always enjoyed period shows or movies….Pride and Prejudice and all that goodness of the same era. Love love love it.  BUT thanks to an awesome show called Downton Abbey….England is the only place in the world I want to go to right now.  I’m probably exaggerating, but who cares.

The second season finished airing in Britain at the end of the year, but now Masterpiece Classic on PBS is showing the second season here in the states, Sunday nights at 9PM.  But all the episodes are online as well….how thankful I am.  First season on Netflix and the second season on my DVR.  It might be boring to some people….but I love Downton Abbey and all its stories…the working and relationships between the servants of the house and the lords and ladies of the house.

My two faves…

Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary….*sigh*

I hope someone I know ends up watching the show, so I can talk about it with them.

Third season airs in England this September.  Maybe I shall conveniently find myself in England during that time.  Go for the Olympics, and then NEVER COME BACK.  Goodbye America!


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