Justin Timberlake + Chris Stapleton

Watched it twice cause it was that good.


The Friday Before Halloween

Ok.  Going to try and really update this regularly again.

Costume contest at work.  I googled “Easy DIY Halloween Costume”.  Hence my creation = Jellyfish.  I did not win.

DIY Jellyfish

In the evening had fun eating, painting pumpkins, making candied apples, and watching as well as crying through the last movie in the Harry Potter series.


All the lovely creations

Pumpkin Painting

Belly and heart are definitely fuller. 🙂

A Good Bagel

An exchange with my co-worker/friend


[9:07:07 AM] Michelle Kim REAL: ooh they gave me a good bagel today ooohhh yes
[9:07:37 AM] Hanna Jung: hahahaha
[9:07:44 AM] Hanna Jung: how do you know its a good bagel?
[9:10:59 AM] Michelle Kim REAL: the outside is toasted but not too cripsy, the middle is chewy and not dry, and the bagel hole is stuffed with cheddar cheese
[9:11:42 AM] Hanna Jung: LOLOLOL


That’s one good bagel.  🙂