A Good Bagel

An exchange with my co-worker/friend


[9:07:07 AM] Michelle Kim REAL: ooh they gave me a good bagel today ooohhh yes
[9:07:37 AM] Hanna Jung: hahahaha
[9:07:44 AM] Hanna Jung: how do you know its a good bagel?
[9:10:59 AM] Michelle Kim REAL: the outside is toasted but not too cripsy, the middle is chewy and not dry, and the bagel hole is stuffed with cheddar cheese
[9:11:42 AM] Hanna Jung: LOLOLOL


That’s one good bagel.  :)

A Letter from Ray Jasper

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but this letter really struck a chord with me.

The entire letter is really long, but I hope people take the time to read the whole thing.


The last thing on my heart is about religion and the death penalty. There are several well-known preachers in Texas and across the South that teach their congregations that the death penalty is right by God and backed by the Bible. The death penalty is a governmental issue not a spiritual issue. Southern preachers who advocate the death penalty are condoning evil. They need to learn the legalities of capital punishment. The State may have the power to put people to death, but don’t preach to the public that it’s God’s will. It’s the State’s will.

If God wanted me to die for anything, I would be dead already. I talk to God everday. He’s not telling me I’m some kind of menace that He can’t wait to see executed. God is blessing me daily. God is showing me His favor & grace on my life. Like Paul said, I was the chief of sinners, but God had mercy on me because He knew I was ignorant. The blood of Abel cryed vengeance, the blood of Jesus cryed mercy.” – Ray Jasper

I did a little more research and Ray Jasper would be an interesting person to meet.